Learn the art of Meditation

From Beginner to Advanced level

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Meditation, in my view, is one of those grossly underestimated studies that, if carried out properly, can really activate mind over matter to help people reach their objectives in life.

There are so many areas that we can all derive benefit from.

We could overcome many obstacles and concerns that life puts in front of us.

Each DVD takes you to the next level from Beginners through to Intermediate level and finally Advanced.

Here is a short summary of what to expect;

Beginners - Disc 1;


Props needed


Beginners Meditation 1

Beginners Meditation 2

Intermediate - Disc 2;

The Third Eye


Intermediate Meditation

Advanced - Disc 3;

Advanced Meditation 1

Advanced Meditation 2

Advanced Meditation 3

A most comprehensive and educational set of DVDs for just £7.98


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