All the important skills and tips that so many Golfers miss out

on and can never understand why they are not improving.

You are taken through a professional structured tutorial covering all the vital ingredients that make

good Golfers GREAT Golfers.

 Take a look at what is in store for you from this exceptional DVD set.

Disc 1) The Long Game

Johnathan covers the important factors relating to long shots.

Stance, Posture, Grip, Swing, Release and Club Positions

Disc 2) The Short Game

This section is all about Putting, Chip and Run and techniques needed to get out of Bunkers.

Disc 3) Golf Practice

Useful techniques and tips to enable you to make the right body movements and action.

Use of the Resistance Board for leg action.

Measuring for the correct Club Length.

Using the Football Technique for leg action.

Using the Shadow Technique for correct hip movement.

Using the ball between the wrists for correct arm action.

Using the Umbrella Technique for correct lateral movement

Making good use of Training Clubs

Disc 4) Course Management & Etiquette

Knowing how and what to do at the Course is very important.

You are shown all of the important rules of etiquette as well

as taking you through the following more advanced techniques

Draw & Fade

How to handle slopes

A superb professional set of 4 DVDs ready to go to your mainland UK home

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