Business Success - Essentials

A Practical Streetwise approach covering

all the vital ingredients for a successful Business.

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This publication is a very practical and proven approach to ensure a successful business from

startup right through to maturity.

You will learn from real situations

you will learn from real mistakes that have made that are well worth taking note of.

Above all, you will learn the all important Dos & don'ts when running a business.

This is not a heavy read full of business jargon that many people cannot understand.

it's just a straight talking commonsense approach to become successful.

The Author has over 40 years of practical business experience.

Take a look at the Contents  containing over 20 chapters and 80 pages.

Truly Excellent value for your investment if you really want to be sure of going in the right direction

This is an easy to read guide that can be referred back to time and time again

whatever business you decide to take up.

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