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Learn To Do Ballroom Dancing

Here is a great opportunity for you to have your own private tuition from professional Dancing Instructors

I learnt to dance by going to a Dance School with my Wife. I also learnt, however, that the school would only accept couples.

It wasn't the only school that had this ruling.

What a pity if you happen to be a single man or woman wishing to learn to dance and you haven't got a partner to take with you.

The whole idea of learning to dance for many people is to be able to go to a dance and find a partner.

Here is a way of resolving that issue.

This set of 4 DVDs takes you through a step-by-step stage of learning to dance just for you, at home.

In each DVD you are shown the basic steps and then putting them together. This is great personal instruction and will give you the confidence of being able to go out and enjoy your social life even more.

Disc 1)  The Foxtrot

Disc 2) The Salsa

Disc 3) The Cha Cha

Disc 4) The Tango

Each DVD is in a separate plastic wallet to ensure their safety and protection

Four great dances that will put you into a very strong position to really enjoy the variety attached to Ballroom Dancing.

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