Learn about what it is.

What it can do for you.

What you can do yourself.

Here is a great opportunity to be able to fully understand the benefits of Aromatherapy.

The set of 3 DVDs are presented by an expert Aromatherapist who goes through, in detail, the following information.

Disc 1:  All about the uses of 25 different Essential Oils

           Carrier Oils

           Cautions and Considerations

           Contra - Indications

           Application methods

Disc 2:  Recommended Treatments for the following Ailments




           Repetitive Strain Injuries

           Post Menstrual stress

           Muscle Cramps


           Sore Throat

Disc 3:   Recommended Treatments for the following Ailments

           Neck & Shoulder Tension

           Colds & Flu

           Hair Treatment Oil


           Cellulite Salt Bath

           Muscle Warming


What sort of value can you put on these DVDs if you gain relief from just one of the above-mentioned ailments?

Plus, of course, the money you save from following the information and doing it at home yourself.

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Sent out within 24 hrs.

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